Mastering | XS Studio

XS Studio is located in Paris, and is run by Barthelemy Bayona and Jean Marc Segondy (Also known as XSI).

With over 5 years of experience in mastering top notch albums and Ep's, they have already completed more than thirty projects in the trance scene. They have also mastered many other types of musical styles such as pop, rock, hip-hop and electro-house productions, targeted to a wide range of listeners.

They put at your disposal their 10 years of musical and technical experience for the final touches needed for all of your projects.

2 types of mastering are available :
- Stereo Mastering : Send your tracks in one stereo file (wav or aiff)
- Stem Mixing & Mastering : Send your tracks in separated files with a maximum of 8 files. For example KICK, BASS, DRUMS, LEADS 1, LEADS 2, FX, AMBIENCES & PADS

Being aware of the importance of this step for your project, the engineers are at your disposal and can advise you if there is any major problem in your mix and therefore offer a personalized service. For every new customer, a free test (1 songs) is offered at no charge, courtesy of the studio.

Equipment List

- Blue Sky System One 2.1
- Yamaha NS10
- Adam's S1X
- Ultrasone Pro 900

- Apogee Symphony I/O
- SSL Xdesk
- Universal Audio 2192
- Arsenal Audio EQR-24
- API 2500

- Logic Pro 9
- UAD 2 (All Plugins)
- SSL Duende (All Plugins)

For further info and pricing please contact: