XSI is a French PsyTrance project of 2 members, Jean-Marc Segondy aka BIONIX & Barthélémy Bayona aka STRYKER. Due to a meeting that was bound to happen in one of the most famous club in Paris, The GIBUS, where they were both resident Djs for 2 years, the trance band extra Sound Independant was born as an active hit maker.

The first XSI album « Warning Zone » was very successful, leading to major bookings in some of the biggest international trance events such as experience in Brazil, Arcadia and AcNon in Japan, Freedom Festival in Portugal and Beat Patrol in Austria. They’ve played in many other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Canada, France, Switzerland, India, Russia, Nepal, England and many more. In 2009, they released 2 more successful albums : « XSI & Friends » (Phantasm Records), and a collaboration album as « Talamasca vs XSI » (Mind Control Records). At the same time, Jean-Marc launched his solo project : BIONIX. In 2011 they released a banging EP “Drop In This’’ on Hommega Productions, at that time the Full-On leading label. In the same year they also created United Beat Records with there friend MAD MAXX with who they’ve made a very avant-gardism project : WILD MONKEYS.

Gemng known for the edge of their production skills, Bart is now a major mastering engineer on the trance scene with XSI Mastering. So in between touring and engineering work they gave 3 years to finally release their album Dancefloor Apocalypse in march 2014. A pure PsyTrance bomb that is now played all over the world and which have reached the first place in the Beatport Psy-Trance charts.

Bart launched his new solo project STRYKER, a new vision of PsyTrance with no limitation by codes and a main motivaNon: make you smile and dance…