Nicolas Oesch (a.k.a. Nikka) is the musical creator behind the psytrance MEKKANIKKA. He has been releasing music since 1999. Born In Switzerland, Nikka has been driven by music his whole life, from, performing as a DJ at an early age to playing guitar and Bass in various bands, ranging from Punk, rock, alternative, to jazz. Nikka has been perfecting his music and production skills for many years in order to achieve a specific sound, instantly recognizable on the dance floor. He has been involved in the trance scene for the past 15 years, from party goer to producing one of the finest psytrance out there.

His musical journey eventually, led him to California. There he started a recording studio in the seaside town of Santa Cruz, a few miles south of San Francisco, the very psychedelic city. There he recorded local bands and began his career in audio production. This where he meet Max Peterson (Mad Maxx) and started going to psytrance parties in the SF area, LA to northern California. Along with Samy Guediche (CPU) the trio started the project “Biodegradable”, allowing them to perform a bit more in North America and Canada.

After joining the famous CCC psychedelic collective warehouse in San Francisco, Nikka got completely involved in the local psy scene playing DJ sets and performing live at many parties, indoor and outdoor venues and festival leading him to perform at the infamous Burning man festival.

After the first album of Biodegradable, Nikka started MEKKANIKKA and released his first solo album on Germany’s legendary psytrance label, Spirit Zone. Receiving instantly a great response from international dance floors, leading him to launch an international career and release more music on many compilations and albums with label such as, Phantasm Rec, Nutek record, Neurobiotic, 3D vision rec, Planet Ben rec,… among others.

MEKKANIKKA has since then become an established name in the trance scene. He is well known for his high energy live performance and has been delivering sets all around the world sharing the stage and/or the studio with numerous artists…including GMS, TRISTAN, EARTHLINK, MAD MAXX, PAINKILLER, A TEAM, BLISS, AZAX SYNDROM, XSI, PERFECT STRANGER, ETHNICA, KOXBOX, CAPTAIN HOOK, CPU, MENOG, TRON, RAJA RAM, DIGITAL TALK, VIBE TRIBE, TICON, INTERSYS, TALAMASCA, ABSOLUM, JOHN PHANTASM, TRON, ESKIMO, and many more….

Nikka will release his new album called “Sky Gods” on June 12th on UB Records. This new opus will take you on a journey of warmth, top notch production, psychedelic tales of sounds, candy wrapped in a plastic landscape of melodies and music…

Get ready to be taken on a musical dream for the sheer pleasure and delight of the dance floor.