Ludovic Benhamou is the man behind the trance project Block Device. Ludovic was Born in 1985 in France, and has been producing electronic music for over 7 years now.

He discovered the electronic sound when he was just a teenager, throughout radio shows in Paris such as “Max” (Fun Radio), “Rave Up” (Radio FG) or Skyrave (Skyrock). As he progressed in his search for more and better music, he quickly got a job in Paris’s most prestigious underground record shop, Techno Import. This was a gateway into the future, as ludovic quickly gained respect for his dj sets around the city.

Ludovic never gave up school, and his passion for technology led him to get into producing music. He is a also a computer engineer, which allows him to further innovate by working on new technics and machines, where he can truly show his love for precision and quality.

He eventually met up with Barthelemy Bayona and Jean Marc Segondy ( Aka XSI, BIONIX ) one night at the Gibus club in Paris. They now collaborate on various musical projects. Ludovic is scheduled to release various tracks leading up to his first artist album on UNITED BEATS RECORDS for the end of 2011.