Mekkanikka (Spain)

Nikka is the musical creator behind the psytrance Mekkanikka. Born In switzerland, Nikka has been driven by music his whole life.Eventually, he was led to California where he recorded local bands and began his career in audio production. There he meet Max Peterson (Mad Maxx) and started the project "Biodegradable" along with Samy Guediche (CPU). After this, Nikka released his first solo album on Germany's legendary psytrance label, Spirit Zone. Mekkanikka instantly received a great response from international dancefloors, leading him to release more music on many compilation with label such as, Phantasm Rec., Nutek record, Neurobiotic, 3D vision rec, Mind Control, Planet Ben rec, among others.

After the success release of his last album "2046" on Phantasm records, Nikka is back in the studio, preparing his next full length album for United Beats Records Records, entitled "California Dreaming". This new opus will take you on a journey of warmth, top notch production, psychedelic tales of music, candy wrapped in a plastic landscape of melodies and music. Get ready to be taken on a musical dream for the sheer pleasure and delight of the dancefloor.