Mastering | The Mekka Box Studios

 The Mekka Box is a compact high quality mastering/post production studio located in the mediterranean village of Sitges near Barcelona. After more than 10 years in the studio and on stage, Nicolas Oesch has developped a very accute auditory skill, working for several labels and artists (album/compilation/digital EP), as well as, in the TV commercial field (sound signature/creative post prod/mastering).From electronic music (trance, house, electro)to hip hop, pop, rock, or other sound designing.

The Mekka Box offers a complete uncompromised, Class A analog, state of the art, treatment of your sound throughout the whole process. Your mix will receive the class and attention it needs in order to be push it into the professional world of music. with these options : - Stereo mastering : mastering of your stereo track (all track must be 44.1khz and 24bit -wav or aiff. No limiter on pre master. a minimum of -3db headroom is necessary.
- Stem mix master
- Mix master thru Crane song Egret for analog summing : 8 separate audio files (KICK, BASS, RYTHME, LEADS 1, LEADS 2, FX, AMBIENCES & PADS)

All mastering is done with analog and digital tools (AD/DA converters).

Please feel free to contact us for assistance in making your project "master ready", we will guide you through all the necessary steps to get the best out of your musical creations. For every new customer, you can request a free test (1 songs) regardless of the type of mastering.

Equipment List

Signal Processing :
Millennia Twincom TCL-2 Opto compressor / Limiter ( tube and solid state )
JDK Audio R24 Dual channel

Monitoring :
Dynaudio Bm 6 x 2 pairs
Genelec 8250 a
Senheiser HD25 - C II X 2

Converters :
Crane song Egret
Apogee Mini me
Mytek stereo 96 AD

Clock :
Mytek stereo 96ADC
Word clock Mutek mc3 x 2

For further info and pricing please contact :